Learn Morse code the right way

Black hole. Morse code over long distances.

and avoid falling into the black hole!


You will end up in a really nasty trap if you try to learn Morse code with any method that requires writing down the code you hear. Why? Because you will be limited by how fast you can write.

And you will find it difficult to truly enjoy CW operation once you depend on writing down characters — just so you can read them back to yourself a moment later! Ultimately that unnecessary crutch will dampen your motivation and hamper rapid progress.

Ask yourself how many times you’ve tried to learn to copy in your head only to give up in frustration. Countless, no doubt.

So what is a better way to learn code?


MorseFusion addresses the fundamental problem encountered by everyone trying to copy in their head: the brain is so busy decoding an incoming character that it simply doesn’t have the time to string all the received characters into a word. And forming a meaningful sentence is completely out of the question. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about — it happens to everyone. But the solution is not to start writing or typing.

It turns out that the most effective way to learn is with a more logical approach: first become very comfortable with text spelled out entirely in spoken English, forming words and sentences in your head. It’s a skill that is much, much easier to acquire in English than in code.

Then very gradually replace voiced English letters and numbers with the corresponding Morse code — one at a time and at your own pace. Before long you will be copying text sent entirely in code without typing or writing a single character!

Experienced CW operators can easily do this but usually only after years of brass pounding. You can learn the skill much faster with a MorseFusion subscription.

Learning Morse code with MorseFusion


  • You learn to copy in your head at up to 30 words per minute
  • Provides a logical yet flexible learning framework
  • No writing or typing except for call signs and such
  • 20+ novels with automatic bookmarks and ajustable word spacing
  • Adaptable to all code skill levels
  • On your Web browser — no software to install

Your custom-tailored listening sessions are complemented with CheX, our state-of-the-art intelligent code tutor that will immediately spot your errors and take corrective action. Unlike outdated Morse code trainers, CheX provides custom-tailored exercises with emphasis on your problem characters until you get them right all the time. Only CheX provides instantaneous feedback that is so critical to rapid learning — you know immediately whether you decoded the character correctly.


MorseFusion provides you with a straightforward method to become proficient in Morse code and finally begin enjoying CW. So if you are new to Morse code, or know code but are currently using paper and pencil, or just want to improve your decoding ability, subscribe today and with practice you’ll be operating in CW mode at up to 30 wpm.

Will MorseFusion teach me to send properly?


Definitely yes . . . but indirectly and subconsciously. It will train your brain to recognize perfect Morse code and make you very aware of poor character formation and improper spacing. So hearing your sidetone and making subconscious adjustments will automatically make your fist first rate without performing any specific sending exercises. MorseFusion breaks with traditional methods and does not employ the Farnsworth method, so you learn proper inter-character spacing from the start.

Ideal Morse code training for all skill levels:


If you don’t know any Morse code . . .

Start by listening to novels spelled out entirely in English until you get comfortable forming words and sentences in your head. Use CheX to train your brain to remember random character groups, also vocalized in plain English initially.

This establishes a solid foundation for learning to copy in your head before you even hear that first Morse character.

Then, very gradually, replace one spoken English character at a time with Morse code until you’re listening to the novel entirely in code.

You know code but use paper and pencil . . .

First throw away the pencil! Start by listening to novels spelled out entirely in English and get comfortable forming sentences in your head. And use CheX to exercise your ability to remember random character groups spoken in English.

Because you already know code, you will insert all Morse characters into your novel. But at first hear Morse for only a small fraction of the time. Then as you continue the novel gradually increase the code percentage until you reach 100%.

You’ll never need that pencil again and will be able to move on to faster speeds because you will no longer be limited by how fast you can write.

And if you already copy in your head . . .

MorseFusion will dramatically enhance your skill by providing listening practice at 15, 20, 25, and 30 wpm. Over 20 novels with automatic bookmarks and variable word spacing will make moving to higher speeds an enjoyable experience.

And CheX will drill you on on those pesky characters you always seem to miss and provide ample practice in getting call signs right the first time you hear them!

Ham gear is not free


Neither is MorseFusion. But, all things considered, your subscription is a very small investment compared to the price of a fine key . . . and it will make using it so much sweeter!

MorseFusion is available at a low monthly subscription price and is Web-accessible 24/7 from everywhere, with no software to download or install.

[Top image courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech]