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The goal of Morsefusion is to teach you to read Morse code in your head. The process is simple and intuitive and can be summarized in the diagram shown below.

The first step is to learn to form words and sentences in your head from text material spelled out letter by letter in English. You might find this easy but most people need some practice before they feel comfortable with this initial requirement.

The rest of the method consists of gradually replacing the voiced English letters, numbers, and punctuation marks with their Morse equivalents. But only one character at a time and only after checking your skill with CheX and performing the interactive exercise drills until you consistently score 100%.

If you allocate an hour a day to learning code, a very effective daily routine might consist of four sessions spread over the day, each composed of ten minutes of novel listening followed by five minutes of CheX drills.

Detailed instructions follow . . .

[Top image courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech]