Your Listening Sessions

After you subscribe, you configure your book reading sessions by selecting entries on the session form shown below. The server will remember your entries so you will only need to enter any changes from session to session.

Steps for setting up your session:

  • Choose a novel from the drop-down selection box. More than 20 are available. BOOKMARK is indicated if you have listened to the novel in a previous session. If you are a beginner, the selection marked GENTLE START is recommended. If English is not your native language, consider starting with the selections of random 3- and 4-letter words. (The latter has been somewhat sanitized!)
  • Select whether you want to start from the beginning of the book or continue from the last bookmark.
  • Pick the characters you want to occasionally hear in Morse code by checking the appropriate boxes. The ones left unchecked will be vocalized in English. (If you are new to Morse code, don’t check any characters initially. Just listen to the book in English until you’re comfortable with it.)
  • For the characters you checked, select the percent of the time that you want to hear them in Morse code. The rest of the time they will be vocalized in English (as if you had left them unchecked).
  • Select whether the unchecked characters are to be spoken with a male or female voice.
  • Choose a sending speed.
  • Select the spacing between words.
  • Pick the duration of the learning session.
  • Click on the Build Session button when you have finished configuring your session.

When your screen is refreshed, you will see an embedded audio player displayed at the top of the page. Click on the play arrow to hear your session. A few browsers might not display the player. In that case, click on the link provided directly underneath and your PC will use its default media player.

If you right-click on the media player link, you can save the file on your PC for listening later off-line. You might want to rename the file with a more meaningful name before storing on a CD, USB memory stick, or mp3 player.

You can use the buttons on the audio player or your PC’s media player to listen to your session any number of times.

The bottom of the page displays the text sent during the session.

To continue to the next session with your current novel, simply click on the Build Session button again. Or make whatever changes you want before clicking.

Note: If you want to listen to a book entirely in code, just check off all the boxes and set the percentage time at 100%.